TRIFECTA Invite Lifeson And Travis To Further Their Color Trope

Considered to symbolize the contrasting concept of fire and ice, orange and blue colors are juxtaposed everywhere, and it’s hardly a coincidence that TRIFECTA‘s debut album, 2021’s "Fragments" which saw Nick Beggs, Adam Holzman and Craig Blundell work together outside Steven Wilson‘s ensemble for the first time, wore a flaming cover, while its successor “The New Normal” – planned for issue on March 15th – is housed in a soothing sleeve. The shift didn’t affect the trio’s fresh songs, though.

One glance at the title of the platter – or, rather, platters, as there seem to be two discs of material – or of such tracks as “Just Feel It, Karen” and “Ouch! My OCD” should suffice to see the artists’ sarcasm and wit match their incredible musicianship, especially when a couple of their friends getting into the frame too: Alex Lifeson to enhance “Once Around The Sun With You” with guitar parts and Theo Travis to spice up “Daddy Long Legs” with sax. Laid down between 2019 and 2023, the new record shares more than mere DNA with “Fragments” whose ideas are expanded here to embrace the current state of affairs.

The New Normal

Disc 1:
1. Beck & Call
2. Dot, Are You Wooing?
3. Stroboscopic Fennel
4. Just Feel It, Karen
5. Sibling Rivalry
6. Ornamental Lettuce
7. Daddy Long Legs
8. What Are You Doing?
9. Stupid Pop Song
10. Crime Spree

Disc 2:
1. Bach Stabber
2. Kleptocrat
3. Once Around The Sun With You
4. Chinese Fire Drill
5. Ouch! My OCD
6. Wake Up Call
7. Wacky Tobaccy
8. Canary In A Five & Dime
9. On The Spectrum

December 17, 2023

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