TROPE – Lambs

Tropes 2018

TROPE - Lambs


Not the meek: Vancouver foursome reach out for freedom and inherit the tune.

It took this Canadian quartet less than two years to come up with a debut album and pique the interest of industry veterans to rein in their enthusiastic sound. The road to “Eleutheromania” – that’s the forthcoming record’s title – started with “Lambs” whose nervous throb may suggest alternative edge to the ensemble’s oeuvre, yet Diana Studenberg’s vocals breathe live into the song in the most traditional, folk-tinctured way, pulling the listener in and not letting go until the last note leaves Dave Thompson’s fretboard. Any hint at a hard rock riff is artfully concealed before the middle section when it’s released instead of a solo to loose up the tension and build anxiety once again, in a metal manner now.

The results of such a development are strangely satisfying, and if the single is representative of the album, there’s a reason to give it a spin, too.


June 7, 2018

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