TWINS CREW – The Northern Crusade

Scarlet 2013

TWINS CREW - The Northern Crusade

The Northern Crusade

Sweden siblings unfurl their banners and let the power fly all over the land.

“Loud And Proud” might be a generic yet genuine characteristic of this band who, despite its intent, veer away from shallow self-aggrandizing thanks to their hilarious and melodic approach. Such a trait is often left behind by those following in the IRON MAIDEN wake, while guitar-wielding twins David and Dennis Janglöv steer their good ship just the right course, a common-place titular theme notwithstanding. As a result, one can easily imagine the impact that opener “Last Crusader” or the aforementioned “Loud And Proud” which pours impressive glitter over classic rock ‘n’ roll licks, have live.

Orchestral keyboards oiling the bass rumble, never more so than in the heroic oratorio of “Unholy Grail,” there’s pure metal power at play – enjoyable to the core, especially when Andreas Larsson lets his pipes rip. Fraternal telepathy is at the fore of the folk-inflected ballad “Under The Morning Star” which takes sweet sway as it flows on into the “Kings Of Yesterday” fray. Although some of it sounds familiar who cares if the two axes of “Dr. Dream” cut it fine? And while “Take This Life” aims for overkill, a Hammond intervention comes as its saving grace, whereas it’s epic finale “Angels Fall” that delivers a majestic coup to seal this grail of a record. A storming pleasure.


June 10, 2014

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