Two Expanded Toyah Platters Shine A Fresh Light On Her Past

Last years have seen a long-overdue reappraisal of Toyah‘s career: unjustifiably perceived by too many a listener as a quintessential ’80s artiste, Ms. Willcox proved again and again that she still is a queen of intelligent quirk-rock – and not only by cavorting with her husband in the acclaimed YouTube series but also by curating a series of her classic albums’ reissues, which are to be prolonged soon by two more titles. Appearing on May 17th is an expanded version of “Warrior Rock: Toyah On Tour” from 1982, and on July 26th a deluxe version of “Minx” from 1985.

“Warrior Rock” was the second live release from Toyah’s eponymous band, a snapshot of their concert at London’s Hammersmith Odeon, documenting their tour in the wake of “The Changeling” release and featuring the powerful rhythm section of Phil Spalding and Simon Phillips that bolstered the chanteuse’s vocals over the original 15 cuts, newly remastered, and a plethora of bonus tracks, including a piece which didn’t make it to the platter in the first place, soundcheck and rehearsal recordings – some of those tracks would never be performed onstage – as well as an alternative variant of the album on the third disc, containing selections from other English cities visited during that trek.

Warrior Rock:
Toyah On Tour

CD 1:
1. Good Morning Universe
2. Warrior Rock
3. Danced
4. Jungles Of Jupiter
5. It’s A Mystery
6. Castaways
7. Angel & Me
8. Brave New World
9. The Packt
10. Thunder In The Mountains
11. We Are
12. I Want To Be Free

CD 2:
1. Dawn Chorus
2. War Boys
3. Ieya
4. Street Creature (live outtake)
5. Hammersmith Jam (soundcheck)
6. Good Morning Universe (soundcheck)
7. Life In The Trees (rehearsal)
8. Castaways (rehearsal)
9. Warrior Rock (rehearsal)
10. Jungles Of Jupiter (rehearsal)
11. Bird In Flight (rehearsal)
12. It’s A Mystery
13. Street Creature
14. Dawn Chorus
15. War Boys

CD 3:
1. Good Morning Universe
2. Neon Womb
3. Warrior Rock
4. Danced
5. Jungles Of Jupiter
6. Castaways
7. Brave New World
8. The Packt
9. Thunder In The Mountains
10. Bird In Flight
11. Angel & Me
12. We Are
13. I Want To Be Free
14. Ieya

In its turn, “Minx” was the singer’s solo debut that, surprisingly for her fans, featured a few cover numbers, including RARE BIRD and ALICE COOPER hits, but the album’s 40th Anniversary edition collects, within a 7″ gatefold packaging, everything that was available before – the cassette and CD bonuses – and adds to the freshly remastered cuts an entire disc of rarities such as demos and backing tracks. Completists must rejoice.


CD 1 – Minx:
1. Soldier Of Fortune, Terrorist Of Love
2. Don’t Fall In Love (I Said)
3. Soul Passing Through Soul
4. Sympathy
5. I’ll Serve You Well
6. Over Twenty-One
7. All In A Rage
8. Space Between The Sounds
9. School’s Out
10. World In Action
11. America For Beginners
12. Vigilante
bonus tracks:
13. Snow Covers The Kiss
14. Kiss The Devil
15. Don’t Fall In Love (I Said) (extended mix)
16. Soul Passing Through Soul (extended mix)
17. World In Action (Action Mix)

CD 2 – Rarities:
1. The Fight (one-take demo)
2. Perfect Day (home demo)
3. School’s Out (home demo)
4. All In A Rage (instrumental demo)
5. Snow Covers The Kiss (Instrumental demo)
6. World In Action (7″ remix)
7. America For Beginners (backing track)
8. Soldier Of Fortune, Terrorist Of Love (backing track)
9. I’ll Serve You Well (backing track)
10. Over Twenty-One (backing track)
11. World In Action (backing track)
12. Kiss The Devil (backing track)
13. Don’t Fall In Love (I Said) (backing track)
14. Snow Covers The Kiss (backing track)
15. World In Action (extended)
16. America For Beginners (Nocturne Blue redux)

May 10, 2024

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