U.K. SUBS To Serve Up A Final Studio Offering

Lately, there have been quite a few veteran ensembles announcing their retirement from touring while confirming their commitment to carry on delivering studio albums – but U.K. SUBS always preferred going against the establishment’s grain to sheepish conforming to what was required of them. Which is why the original punks, still fronted by the indefatigable Charlie Harper, decided to cease recording while soldiering on on-stage, and though most fans thought the end, if it ever comes, would be signaled by 2016’s “Ziezo” – the last entry in the band’s A-Z discography, and guess two covers collections, wrapped up by "Subversions II" in 2019, served as encores, the foursome’s final chapter will be issued on July 1st, 2022, fittingly titled “Reverse Engineering” and featuring a dozen fresh smashes.

With anticipation levels set high since the release of the lead-off single “Sensei” (listen below) in January, the new platter is politically charged and expectedly uncompromising, a Samuel Beckett reference at the end spicing it up to no end. All in all, the album that’s planned to arrive on CD and vinyl should run like this:

Reverse Engineering

1. Sensei
2. Political Alamo
3. C60 Audio
4. Slavery
5. Hoist The Sail
6. Big Foot
7. Kill Me
8. Statements
9. The Night Holds The Key
10. Vision And Sound
11. Bad Acid
12. Godot

May 3, 2022

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