Unissued FACES Sessions Prepared For Record Store Day

Yes, Record Store Day isn’t for everybody as not everyone is willing to line-up in a physical shop to get their hands on a vinyl-only release, yet it does make sense to pay attention to it anyway, because quite a few of these releases expand to CDs as well – several months down the line – which is why a forthcoming LP from FACES should be mentioned now. What will get issued on November 24th is titled “Had Me A Real Good Time – At The BBC: In Session & In Concert – 1971-1973” and contains exactly that: the legendary quintet’s Beeb recordings.

There are only eight cuts, all live, and most of them seem to have never been officially out, and though it would be great to have more of these, it is what it is… for now.

Had Me A Real Good Time –
At The BBC:
In Session & In Concert –

Side 1:
“Sounds Of The Seventies” (BBC Stereo Session) – April 20th, 1970:
1. Had Me A Real Good Time
2. Love In Vain
3. Oh Lord I’m Browned Off
4. Maybe I’m Amazed

Side 2:
John Peel’s Sunday Concert – May 13th, 1971,
1. It’s All Over Now
“Sounds For Saturday” (BBC TV) – October 26th, 1971:
2. Too Much Woman (For A Henpecked Man)/Street Fighting Man
“In Concert” – March 29th, 1973:
3. Twistin’ The Night Away
“In Concert” – February 8th, 1973, not originally broadcast:
4. (I Know) I’m Losing You

October 12, 2023

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