Vangelis tells his life story on a new DVD

VANGELIS - Vangelis And The Journey To Ithaka

Vangelis And The Journey To Ithaka

Ithaka was the Greek island whence Ulysses came, and when it comes to his compatriots no other artist’s odyssey can be compared to the one of Vangelis Papathanassiou. A psychedelic keyboard lord with APHRODITE’S CHILD, a soundtrack genius behind such classics as “Blade Runner”, a shotgun rider for Jon Anderson‘s voice: it’s only a part of his life story told – via interviews with the composer himself and his acolytes including Oliver Stone and Sean Connery, plus rare footage – in a forthcoming two-hour documentary “Vangelis And The Journey To Ithaka” scheduled for a September 23rd release on a DVD.

Pop, prog, pure rock, jazz, new age, classical… Vangelis wrote and played it all, and it all – and more – will be revealed on screen. Wait and revel.

July 26, 2013

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