Veteran Drummer Peter Baron Goes Solo

There’s not a lot of drummers who can play with a flair in various styles, but Peter Baron undoubtedly belongs to such a rare breed of musicians. Most often remembered today as a founding member of HOGAN’S HEROES and a skin-hitter behind Albert Lee, the English artist came into prominence in the early ’70s when accompanying Marty Wilde, and proceeded to work with many first-class acts, his on-the-payroll stints including concerts and studio work with NIGHT, fronted by Chris Thompson and Stevie Lange, as well as RENAISSANCE, where he replaced Terry Sullivan. So it wasn’t until 2016, when the HEROES retired, that the always busy veteran decided to record a solo album which, bearing the title of “Another Life” and scheduled to be released on April 29th, deserves to be listened to.

Most of its tracks Baron co-penned with his HEROES colleague, keyboard player Mike Bell, the platter has quite a few respectable guests on it, among them the aforementioned Lee on guitar, GRYPHON’s Andrew Findon on flute and CLIMAX BLUES BAND’s Derek Holt on backing vocals, yet it’s Peter, who not only drums but also sings, that reigns all over the album, the result looking like this (read the review):

Another Life

1. In Another Life
2. Earthbound
3. Baby Come Home
4. You Get What You Pay For
5. Heaven
6. Halfway Down
7. Merry Go Round
8. I Don’t Understand
9. Little Things
10. Homefire
11. Country Club Cousins
12. Friends To Burn
13. The Ghost Is Laid
14. Take Me Where The River Flows

April 1, 2022

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