Veterans Of British Folk Rock Fuse Into “Bold Reynold”

They call it “a fusion of friends” and old pals they are indeed, David Carroll who used to roll with SPINNING WHEEL and has called recently on the members of FAIRPORT CONVENTION and GRYPHON – Dave Pegg and Chris Leslie from the former collective plus Dave OberlĂ©, Graeme Taylor and Brian Gulland from the latter – as well as THE PROFESSIONALS’ Tom Spencer, also known from THE MAN THEY COULDN’T HANG, and Lucy Cooper to assist him in recording a debut solo album. Titled “Bold Reynold” and scheduled for release on January 20th, 2023, it presents a stunning sonic panorama wrapping a nice selection of traditional fare, “The Battle” from THE STRAWBS repertoire and “The Last Leviathan”: the Andy Barnes’ anti-whaling piece which displays the ensemble’s epic leanings.

Actually, it were the renowned players that offered Carroll, a part of Oberle’s THE BEAGLES since 2009, their help in striking on his own as a recording artist, rather than session facilitator and maker of stringed instruments David’s been for decades, and taking his guitar, Uilleann pipes, Appalachian dulcimer, bouzouki and mandolin to the fore. The results, as one can judge by the sample below, are fantastic (read the review) – and what’s more fantastic, the second volume of “Bold Reynold” seems to be in the works now.

1. The Last Leviathan
2. Follow Me Up To Carlow
3. Poor Murdered Woman
4. Banks Of The Nile
5. She Moved Through The Fair
6. High Barbaree
7. Poor Man’s Sorrow
8. The Battle
9. Gentlemen Of High Renown

November 7, 2022

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