New Videos Round-Up

In the last couple of weeks, a few interesting videos connected to this site’s materials – recent and upcoming – have been made available. As all of them are rather interesting, the clips are gathered here for you viewing pleasure. Turn up the volume and see.

First up is a song by GODSTICKS, a follow-up to the one posted previously. The trio’s third album, “Emergence,” is out on August 10th; read the review of it here.

THE BEATNIX is a new project by Joe Jammer whose lost album, "Headway", saw the light of day last year. His current endeavor comes in a duo format, but there’s more to the guitarist’s affairs of today. We spoke last weekend, and the news is here.

The last but not least is a visual realization of a song from a wonderful "Melancholy Sea" album by THE PINDER BROTHERS who have many surprises under their sibling belt.

July 21, 2015

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