Walter Trout Calls Dee Snider And Beth Hart To Snarl At The World

By his own admission, Walter Trout has always tried to convey positive messages through his music – which somehow went against the grain of the gist of what the blues are about: bemoaning affairs of the heart as well as of woes of the world. Not that the 72-year-old really managed to avoid such matters, “Battle Scars” and “Ordinary Madness” among his platters suggesting as much, yet the veteran’s forthcoming offering, scheduled for release on March 1st, specifically concentrates on existential injustices – and still is optimistic enough to suggest there’s a way to right the wrongs.

And that’s why “Broken” – this is the new record’s title – finds Trout securing the services of rather different, seemingly incongruous singers to help his deliver grief and hope, slightly sarcastic “I’ve Had Enough” featuring Dee Snider and the album’s titular cut voiced by Beth Hart, while “Bleed” (watch the video below) has Will Wilde wailing away on harmonica. Judging by it all, the platter promises to be staggeringly resonant.


1. Broken (feat. Beth Hart)
2. Turn And Walk Away
3. Courage In The Dark
4. Bleed (feat. Will Wilde)
5. Talkin’ To Myself
6. No Magic (In The Street)
7. I’ve Had Enough (feat. Dee Snider)
8. Love Of My Life
9. Breathe
10. Heaven Or Hell
11. I Wanna Stay
12. Falls Apart

December 26, 2023

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