WANNACRIES – Hold Your Breath At Midnight

Wannacries 2018

WANNACRIES - Hold Your Breath At Midnight

Hold Your Breath At Midnight

Small IT crowd from Sweden welcome their un-nerded listener to nocturnal delights.

It didn’t take these two tech-savvy guys too long to carry out their user-story plan: formed in 2017, the duo of Per and Daniel came up with their first deliverable next January, the “Deadline King” EP detailing software developers’ toils and troubles on the title track and displaying some dirty discipline on a couple of covers. Single “Hold Your Breath At Midnight” is a little bit different, though: there’s a shift from an amateur approach to something more serious as demonstrated by the molten interplay of guitar and bass which rock hard now yet leave it to vocals to shape memorable chorus melody with glam infectiousness that’s passed to a six-string filigree when a series of short solos takes over the song.

The band’s development is obvious here, albeit voice remains their weakest point, so holding one’s breath is a sound advice. Given the group’s grip on tune, a delectable album may be a real prospect.


May 6, 2018

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