Wetton and Downes’ ICON Release A Live Album

It was ASIA in microcosm, named ICON – the group John Wetton and Geoff Downes started back in 2005 to test waters for their main ensemble’s official reunion. But even after that the duo carried on and issued, all in all, three albums, EP and a studio DVD. There was one more, last entry into the project’s discography, though, titled “Urban Psalm – Live”: a video document of a concert recorded at St. Mary-Le-Bow Church in London on January 30th, 2009 and featuring songs from all the previous releases. Available only from the artists’ online store, it has been missed out on by most of the fans, yet June 2nd will see its official edition in expanded form.

Approved by Downes and the Wetton Estate, what was out before on a DVD is to be fleshed out now with two CDs with a full show – with tracks that didn’t make it to the public before. More so, “Urban Psalm” marks a start of the ICON reissue programme, on Cherry Red Records, which will include the band’s entire output. As for its beginning, the live performances ran like this (watch the video below – and read the review):

ICON - Urban Psalm - Live

Urban Psalm – Live

CD 1:
1. Countdown To Zero
2. Go
3. I’ve Come To Take You Home
4. Twice The Man I Was
5. Elstree
6. Voice Of America
7. The Die Is Cast
8. To Catch A Thief
9. Starless

CD 2:
1. Paradox / Let Me Go
2. Raven
3. True Colours
4. Heat Of The Moment
5. Rubicon
6. Don’t Go Out Tonight
7. My Own Time
8. Days Like These
9. In The End
10. Rock And Roll Dream

1. Countdown To Zero
2. Go
3. I’ve Come To Take You Home
4. Elstree
5. Voice Of America
6. The Die Is Cast
7. To Catch A Thief
8. Starless
9. Paradox / Let Me Go
10. Raven
11. True Colours
12. Heat Of The Moment
13. Rubicon
14. Days Like These
15. In The End
16. Rock And Roll Dream

April 22, 2017

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