WISHBONE ASH Celebrate The “Argus” Anniversary With A Box Set

It may seem to be a deferral of the “Argus” 50th Anniversary – given that this album first saw the light of day in April 1972 – yet WISHBONE ASH dedicated the entire year which followed to promoting the platter and touring the world in the classic’s wake. So there’s a perfect logic in boxing up the record in a super deluxe edition and issuing the sonic bonanza on April 14th – the same can’t be said, though, about the logic of packing together vinyl and CDs with identical content and, thus, reducing the buyers’ base due to the set’s high price.

What also is difficult to deny is the beauty of it all in terms of artwork – and the music, of course. Alongside newly remastered, by Martin Turner, original album, augmented on CD with four demos, and contemporary single, included are concert recordings from 1972 and 1973 and DVD with live footage from 1973 and 1974, plus a 48-page book with rare photographs and liner notes featuring contributions from Andy Powell, Martin Turner and Steve Upton – three out of four musicians behind this wonderful platter.

Says Andy Powell: “It’s been a pleasure working with Snapper Records on this project. They really do have the skills and ability to put these commemorative packages together like no other label I know of. Working and negotiating with ex-band members and navigating the vaults of unreleased material and so on, requires a unique set of skills. Snapper brings it all together!”

Argus –
50th Anniversary Edition

LP1 – Argus:
1. Time Was
2. Sometime World
3. Blowin’ Free
1. The King Will Come
2. Leaf And Stream
3. Warrior
4. Throw Down The Sword

CD1 – Argus:
1. Time Was
2. Sometime World
3. Blowin’ Free
4. The King Will Come
5. Leaf And Stream
6. Warrior
7. Throw Down The Sword
bonus tracks – demos:
8. Time Was
9. The King Will Come
10. Warrior
11. Throw Down The Sword

7″ – 1972 single:
No Easy Road
Blowin’ Free

LP2 – Argus Live (selections from Alexandra Palace and Memphis):
1. Blowin` Free
2. Sometime World
1. Time Was
2. Blowin` Free
3. Warrior

Argus –
50th Anniversary Edition

CD2 – Live at Alexandra Palace – 22.12.73:
1. Blowin’ Free
2. Jail Bait
3. No Easy Road
4. Baby What You Want Me To Do
5. Sometime World
6. The Pilgrim
7. Where Were You Tomorrow
8. End Announcement

CD3 – Memphis Radio Broadcast – 21.8.72:
1. Time Was
2. Blowin’ Free
3. Jail Bait
4. Warrior
5. The Pilgrim
6. Phoenix
7. Blind Eye

DVD – French & Swiss TV Footage:
French TV INA – 24.2.73 – Live from the Rainbow
1. Blowin’ Free – Introduction
2. Backstage Interview 1
3. The Pilgrim
4. Backstage Interview 2
5. End of Phoenix
btb (RTS) Swiss 5.1.74
6. Jail Bait – Intro
7. Warrior
8. Blowin’ Free
9. Snippet of Phoenix – Outro

January 20, 2023

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