WISHBONE ASH on the way to blue

While many of their contemporaries release new records rather intermittently, WISHBONE ASH keep their pace steady even at this day and age. Less than three years after their brilliant "Elegant Stealth", the band – led as always by guitarist Andy Powell – come up with a follow-up. Having changed the colorization, the quartet titled the album “Blue Horizon” but don’t expect much blues there, as the band are very upbeat about it. Consistency has always been their forte, so the twin axes shouldn’t let us down this time.

Recorded by Andy Powell with Muddy Manninen on guitar and vocals, the faithful Bob Skeat on bass and vocals and Joseph Crabtree on drums, the record looks like this – and here’s the review:

WISHBONE ASH - Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon

1. Take It Back
2. Deep Blues
3. Strange (How Things Come Back Around)
4. Being One
5. Way Down South
6. Tally Ho!
7. Mary Jane
8. American Century
9. Blue Horizon
10. All There Is To Say

February 21, 2014

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