WISHBONE ASH Report From France

This year has seen WISHBONE ASH continue their successful road trek, a part of which this scribe witnessed in 2014, and now the time comes to release a concert document of the band’s current show. It doesn’t contain “Live Date” in its entirety anymore but features rarer cuts – such as title tracks of “Front Page News” and “Number The Brave” – alongside material from the group’s latest studio effort, "Blue Horizon". Filmed over three days at the “Le Triton” theater last May, “Live In Paris 2015” is poised to become a nice addition to Andy Powell‘s ensemble’s visual history.

At the moment, the 144-minute DVD can be ordered in the U.S., yet it won’t take the band too long to extend its availability to the other side of Atlantic. As for the video’s full tracklist, it runs like this:

WISHBONE ASH - Live In Paris 2015

Live In Paris 2015

1. The Power
2. Blue Horizon
3. Way Down South
4. Warrior
5. Throw Down The Sword
6. Heavy Weather
7. Lifeline
8. Surface To Air
9. The Pilgrim
10. Baby What You Want Me To Do
11. Invisible Thread
12. Number The Brave
13. Lady Whiskey
14. Disappearing
15. Front Page News
16. In Crisis
17. Open Road
18. The King Will Come
19. Persephone
20. Leaf And Stream

December 7, 2015

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