WISHBONE ASH Return To Vinyl

Today, recording direct to vinyl – no tapes used as a sound carrier between a stage performance – sounds like a very archaic thing. Yet that’s what WISHBONE ASH, guided by Andy Powell did on May 16th, 2015 at Metropolis Studios in London. And it wasn’t simply live, it was in front of an audience, with the feed driving the cutting needle making a groove in the acetate. That piece of plastic became a master for a limited to 750 copies “Live At Metropolis” LP that won’t be reproduced in a digital form.

Available now at the band’s webstore, the album features both memorable, such as “Warrior,” and more obscure, like “Open Road,” classics and pieces from the ASH’s latest studio record, "Blue Horizon".

WISHBONE ASH - Live At Metropolis

Live At Metropolis

Meanwhile, Powell has an autobiography ready for issue. Stay tuned for further details, but the live LP looks like this:

1. The Power
2. Blue Horizon
3. Warrior
4. Lifeline
5. Open Road
6. Deep Blues

September 22, 2015

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