Wreckless Eric Locates A Place For Leisure

From his 1978 hit “Whole Wide World” onwards, Eric Goulden known to this whole wide world as Wreckless Eric has repeatedly shown he knows how to have fun, and while the veteran’s punk credentials got diluted when he moved into new wave and further on, that streak remained apparent on each and every album the Englishman was intermittently issuing up until now.

Not that “Leisureland” which will be released on August 25th is going to become the 69-year-old’s final opus, as he had won a fight with Covid, and the gap between it and its 2019 predecessor “Transience” was torturing – especially given the scarce, one in a decade, presence of Eric’s solo platters in the ’80s and ’90s – yet this record finds him back in DIY mode, playing guitars and analogue keyboards, in the company of drummer Sam Shepherd, on a riveting blend of songs and instrumental pieces. A nice way to celebrate the 45th anniversary of a remarkable career!


1. Southern Rock
2. Inside The Majestic
3. Badhat Town
4. Intermission
5. Standing Water
6. Standing Sunday Morning
7. The Old Versailles
8. Dial Painters (Radium Girls)
9. The Tipping Point
10. High Seas (Won & Lost)
11. On The Move
12. Esplanade By Moonlight
13. They Come Free With Cornflakes
14. Zoom (Glittering In The Sun)
15. Drag Time

July 15, 2023

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