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XAVI REIJA - Live At RZZ Barcelona

Live At RZZ Barcelona

Taking it to the limit that’s not there, theater of rhythm creates imitation of life.

It’s often a drummer thing to drive controversy as a means of contrast, and Xavi Reija is a master of this art. 2014’s "Resolution" had a deliciously raw edge to it, but on-stage its material – delivered around the time of the record’s release – acquires unexpected gloss, so this document can be seen as that album’s alternative amalgam. It’s an intense, trance-like experience drawn between “Dreamer” and “Dreamland” – a piece from the artist’s past which matches his new repertoire’s context – where grooves range from disco delirium to freaky fusion, as Bernat Hernandez’s bass and Dusan Jevtovic’s guitar rage and caress the beats in equal measure.

There’s relentless, crazy-blues buzz in “Unfinished Love” contrasting the lively elegy of “Shadow Dance” yet “Abyss” distils emotions to a march of sorts, and “John’s Song” resolves into motorik rally in front of the audience. In the moment, “Flying To Nowhere” is turned into a shimmering nightmare possessed of weird romantic magnetism, while “Macroscope” is bent into smouldering, meandering funk wigout where cymbals shuffle to lock into snare action. All but static, this performance is a great snapshot of Reija and his compadres in their element.


February 21, 2017

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