YES: mundane or celestial?

Going on a roundabout with their various extracurricular projects, the members of YES are finally ready to deliver a new album. Called rather unimaginatively, “Heaven & Earth,” it’s scheduled for July 8th release and boasts an equally unimaginative – for his standards – Roger Dean cover, which is on par with his latest artwork for ASIA. As for what’s inside, Geoff Downes, a member of both bands, said to DME in a recent interview“There’s going to be a lot of variety on that, the people are going to enjoy the shifts and changes that happen in the music.” Hopefully so.

It should be notices that the album is YES’ first with GLASS HAMMER vocalist Jon Davison, who’s been with them for about two years, and the first with the legendary producer Roy Thomas Baker, most famous for his work with QUEEN. And here’s the tracklist that was revealed today:

YES - Heaven & Earth

YES – Heaven & Earth

  1. Believe Again
  2. The Game
  3. Step Beyond
  4. To Ascend
  5. In A World Of Our Own
  6. Light Of The Ages
  7. It Was All We Knew
  8. Subway Walls

May 14, 2014

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