YESLA – Supernatural

Team Brains 2020


There’s no mystic in ghosting, posits young Angeleno on her debut single – hued in blue but sanguine.

No ouija board can help you restore a personal link when your successful date has withdrawn from all communication channels: this is the void Yesla, a newly emerged American artist, concentrates on while trying to reach out to the world. It’s easy to assume, then, that “Supernatural” will be a teenage lament, a girlish thing even, and the song’s starting strum may suggest such an approach…

…yet once pained vocals give way to passionate delivery and Yesla’s serrated riffs come into view, the piece’s dramatics are dispelled for good. The unexpected heaviness makes faux flamenco feel fine without detracting from the number’s socially charged message. Sharp and instantly memorable, this single is full of promise, and if a follow-up releases maintain its focus, here’s the musician to keep an eye, and ear, on.


August 25, 2020

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