Youth And Penny Rimbaud Host Eve Libertine On New Album

It’s been decade since former KILLING JOKE bassist Youth and ex-CRASS drummer Penny Rimbaud first set to work on a joint project that would result in an album titled “Corpus Mei” – but not before its songs were remixed in 2019 and prepared for the November 19th release now. And if that didn’t correspond to the British punk veterans’ anarchic spirit, the record’s creation did. During 2011, when all of the tracks got laid down, Penny would find a poem in his backlog which fit one of Youth’s soundscapes, and they’d record vocals for all the first takes to make the final cut.

But one of the platter’s pieces features a different voice, as “I Too” has another CRASS alumnus, Eve Libertine, at the front, with the number’s overdubs including cello and violin to elevate the ensemble’s performance. Watch the video below – and here’s the album’s full tracklisting:

Corpus Mei

1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
2. Mammon’s Minions
3. We The Mountain We The Sea
4. And If I Lust
5. I Too
6. Incantations Of Intimacy
7. You Stare
8. You Brave Old Land
9. Shadows
10. Bread & Wine

November 17, 2021

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