Zakir Hussain, Béla Fleck And Edgar Meyer Speak Up Again

At first glance, there’s not a lot of common ground between bluegrass and raga, yet a closer look reveals that both these genres are folk-based – and still it’s surprising to hear the results of collaboration between banjoist Béla Fleck and contrabassist Edgar Meyer from the former camp and tabla player Zakir Hussain from the latter. Their first joint effort, titled “As We Speak” and comprising a dozen tracks, was issued to the shelves yesterday, May 12th.

It’s not the first time the three veterans record together – this new album is preceded by 2009’s “The Melody Of Rhythm” they laid down with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra – but it’s the better example of their instrumental brilliance and tremendous abilities to blend music from different locales. So while Zakir was busy with preparing a fresh SHAKTI platter, he found time to compose with his Western friends, and their passionate effort is impossible to listen to without exhilaration.

As We Speak

1. Motion
2. The B Tune
3. Tradewinds Bengali
4. J Bhai
5. Rickety Karma
6. 1980
7. Owl’s Misfortune
8. Pashto
9. Hidden Lake
10. Beast In The Garden
11. Conundrum
12. As We Speak

May 13, 2023

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