Zal Cleminson’s ORPHANS OF THE ASH Get Physical

Some musicians get mellow with age – but not Zal Cleminson, the clownesque star of THE SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND and NAZARETH who retained his sharp edge and penchant for sonic experiments and, until rather recently, led /SIN”DOGS/ – leaving the group to fend for "Renascence" without him – but engaged in a fresh enterprise a few years ago, first in the company of FAHRAN’s Matt Black and lately another Glaswegian, Billy McGonagle. Called ORPHANS OF THE ASH, the duo that peddle dirty heaviness have delivered their debut album “Ellipsis” a couple of months ago and now finally added physical releases to what was previously only available as download and stream.

Comprised of a dozen numbers, the record – issued on CD and vinyl – finds the veteran drive his guitar further into dark, dystopian visions, with tracks like “Jesus Strange” and “Poisonwood” marrying bleak outlook to serrated riffs and memorable melodies. Not for everyone yet Zal’s flock should rejoice hearing it.


1. Evolution
2. Ratneck
3. Psychodrama
4. Blind Machine
5. Starship Babyboo
6. Jesus Strange
7. Last Train Home
8. Hammerhead
9. Poisonwood
10. Ten Years Screaming
11. Jour D’Armageddon
12. So I Die

April 6, 2024

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