ZAUM – Plus De Viande Dans Les Saucisses

Psych Up Melodies 2013

ZAUM - Plus De Viande Dans Les Saucisses

Plus De Viande Dans Les Saucisses

More Iberian madness from the band trading metal for meat.

Hot on the heels of 2012’s "Materialismus" comes this non-vegetarian offering. Lighter on the clang now, the Italian troupe elevate their original humor to the idiosyncratic level, where schizo rubs shoulders with stylistic schism for, rather often, there’s an impression of two distinct tracks playing at the same time, as it is in “Samson” with its hair-pulling swirl. The results are sometime haunting, especially in the hypnotic, harmonica-hyped blues of “Dark Clouds” or “Hellhounds” that introduces a Robert Johnson vibe to the cabaret grime to shatter the elegance set by the flute-flaunting funk of “L’amico mio” which flows like a prog folk into the romantic sunset.

If “La città stanca” is spaced-out enough to tickle any cosmic rocker’s armpits and the synthesizer-soothed jazzy “Fluxus” ups the zip even on the mournful grounds, while “La parola amore” comes too serious for its skanky ride. Yet, Claudio D’Errico’s guitar as close to flamenco as it is to Bach, there’s a lot of fiery moments, altough these sound severely reined in, whereas in “Mò vie a’ccà” Fabiana Fazio’s voice rises in the increasingly feverish fashion. Given the group’s genre shift, the album’s title might well be a demand as opposed to the statement. Time to decide where to go to next.


December 17, 2013

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