Brian Auger And Latter-Day TRINITY Put Out Archival Concert

A star in his own right, Brian Auger laid down a solid bulk of his immortal oeuvre within the framework of two ensembles: TRINITY and OBLIVION EXPRESS. But while the organist resurrected the latter, a later one, in the ’90s, the former, hailing from the ’60s, was harder to restart – if only because it’s always been associated with female voice and stricter performing discipline than its successor. The singers seemed to be in place, though, with Brian’s daughters Ali and Savannah gracing the stage, while his drummer son Karma drove the groove from the back, so a time came when the Augers decided to indulge their audiences in classic material, and 2011 found the Savannah-fronted family, minus Ali, filmed for a popular German TV programme.

The concert, recorded on October 20th, 2011 in Bonn, might be available for public viewing – see below – yet the little ensemble played more numbers on that night, and July 12th is the date when their entire show will be issued under the title “Live At Rockpalast” on both CD and DVD. It’s a brilliant document of a riveting gig done by genuine masters of their art.

Live At Rockpalast

1. Ellis Island
2. Save Me
3. Season Of The Witch
4. Fool Killer
5. Why Am I Treated So Bad
6. Indian Rope Man
7. Cry Me A River
8. Road To Cairo
9. Break It Up
10. Light My Fire
11. Finally Found You Out
12. This Wheel’s On Fire
13. I Gotta Go Now

June 26, 2024

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