Concert Performance Of Nikolo Kotzev’s “Nostradamus” To Be Out

Not lauded enough on its release back in 2001, Nikolo Kotzev‘s rock opera "Nostradamus" was an impressive opus of a broader scope than suggested by the presence of Joe Lynn Turner in a titular role, Glenn Hughes – at the time, the regular guests with the Bulgarian guitarist’s BRAZEN ABBOT – as King Henri II of France, alongside Alannah Myles, Sass Jordan and other stellar singers. Still, the composer had to wait more than a decade before he was able to transfer his work from the studio to the stage, where it belonged, and perform it in its entirety – not only with his band but also with a full orchestra, choir and ballet of the State Opera Ruse, all in all a cast of 120 people. And now, a recording of the event is ready for release.

The opera’s concert rendition didn’t feature the luminaries who recorded it, the most prominent vocalists on “Nostradamus: The Rock Opera – Live In Sofia” – scheduled to be out on July 19th as a 2CD/DVD package – being BALTIMOORE frontman Björn Lodin and erstwhile CANDLEMASS warbler Thomas Vikström, yet that doesn’t diminish the impact of the spectacle in both aural and visual aspects. Bravo, maestro Nikolo!

Nostradamus: The Rock Opera –
Live In Sofia

CD 1:
1. Overture
2. Pieces Of A Dream
3. Desecration
4. Introduction
5. Home Again
6. Henriette
7. Caught Up In A Rush
8. The Eagle
9. Plague
10. Inquisition
11. The King Will Die
12. I Don’t Believe
13. Try To Live Again

CD 2:
1. War Of Religions
2. The Inquisitor’s Rage
3. Chosen Man
4. World War II
5. World War III
6. Because Of You
7. The End Of The World
8. I’ll Remember You
9. I’ll Remember You (Encore)

July 5, 2024

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