FANNY Open Up Their “Beat Club” Archive

Out in 2021, the film “The Right To Rock” was a giant step towards remedying injustice with which history handled the legacy of FANNY, the all-female American foursome who refused to play by the rules that industry imposed on such ensembles fifty years ago and defied the norm by being themselves – and being great. Since then, the group’s status has changed and a slew of reissues followed to be eagerly embraced by old and new fans alike. Only these offering were primarily studio ones, with “The Reprise Years 1970 -1973” box set scheduled for August 23rd release adding a few concert recordings, and here’s the reason why “Live on Beat-Club ’71-’72” deserves a special attention.

Hitting the shelves just recently on CD and vinyl, this collection is authorized by the group, as confirmed by singer-guitarist June Millington who contributed to the liner notes together with her colleagues: sister Jean, the quartet’s bassist, and drummer Alice de Buhr who wanted to see the German tapes in the open for a long time. There are two appearances by the group, with the sound taken from the original video and properly mastered, that find the ladies perform material not only from 1971’s “Charity Ball” and 1972’s “Fanny Hill” – their second and third albums – but also from “Mothers Pride” which would see the light of day in 1973. Hearing FANNY in their element, if somewhat reserved by TV environment, must feel like a true treat.

Live on Beat-Club ’71-’72

1. Charity Ball
2. Place In The Country
3. Hey Bulldog
4. Thinking Of You
5. Ain’t That Peculiar
6. Blind Alley
7. Special Care
8. Borrowed Time
9. Summer Song
10. Knock On My Door
11. Young And Dumb
12. Soundcheck

June 13, 2024

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