KLOGR – Till You Turn

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KLOGR - Till You Turn

KLOGR – Till You Turn

A stopgap on the psycho-physical way of constant change – on stage and in the studio.

Like a zombie, this Italian project walks and rocks about no matter what but there’s enough matter to deliver, which they do on this EP, a follow-up to 2011’s debut "Till You Decay". On two of the four new songs on offer the band’s leader, singer Gabriele Rustichelli, dismisses the Italo-American to take on board his compatriots TIMECUT, fresh out of recording their similarly titled album "Things Can Turn Ugly", and ups the alternative quotient of their collective metal edge, as it is in “Vultures Feast” which features LACUNA COIL’s Maki on bass.

At the same time, the chorus of rock ‘n’ rolling “Guinea Pigs” packs an arena appeal, and the band’s concert pull can be measured by three live cuts, brought to the punters from their first album, so “Green Star” and “Silk And Thorns” bristle with additional vim. All of this shows that KLOGR, their configuration notwithstanding, are willing to experiment, and it’s this rare streak that makes them interesting – a zombie pull of sorts.


September 11, 2013

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