Nick Lowe Rejects The Milk Of Human Kindness

Some artists remain forever young, others grow old, gracefully or not – and there are those who turn into elder statesmen. Nick Lowe may belong to the last category, as demonstrated by his platters from "The Convincer" onwards, and though the veteran’s run of creativity seemed to cease with the release of “Quality Street” in 2013, with an occasional glimpse of it on the triplet of EPs he issued with Americans LOS STRAITJACKETS in 2018-2020, the Englishman was reluctant to go for another album, preferring instead to go on the road. And yet September 13th will see a new full-length offering hit the shelves.

Titled “Indoor Safari” and comprised of a dozen fresh cuts – ten originals, including recent takes on pieces which formed Nick’s EPs, and two covers of the ’60s songs, also previously heard on those discs – this album is bound to make a Lowe aficionado smile, especially in the finale, because, of course, “Don’t Be Nice To Me” links to his best-known track “Cruel To Be Kind”… but, hopefully, that doesn’t mean the artist will not be producing music anymore.

Indoor Safari

1. Went To A Party
2. Love Starvation
3. Crying Inside
4. A Quiet Place
5. Blue On Blue
6. Jet Pac Boomerang
7. Tokyo Bay
8. Trombone
9. Different Kind Of Blue
10. Raincoat In The River
11. Lay It On Me Baby
12. Don’t Be Nice To Me

June 12, 2024

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