TRICK OR TREAT – Rabbit’s Hill Pt. 1

Valery 2012


Rabbit’s Hill Pt. 1

Out the warren and into new realm: a trickster royalty get their own tune.

As far as power metal, especially Italian, goes, one is used to see dragons and swords on an album cover, not some furry animals. But then, this band, having reached the tip of their HALLOWEEN vine, attained to a different quality now and, though still in the same stylistic niche, relate a different story on their third album. El-ahrairah, a hero of Richard Adams’ “Watership Down” that the record’s based on, is a trickster, too, so the thematic line comes not only unbroken here, but even bolstered here with spoken word and epic choirs, the most surprising turn being the Django-cum-Disney romp of “SassoSpasso”. Tricky, indeed.

Still, all the signposts of the quintet’s chosen genre sound welcoming on the speedy “Prince With A 1000 Enemies”, where Alessandro Conti shares vocal duties with Andre Matos of ANGRA fame, but go pop on “False Paradise” which, together with the glitzy “Rabbits’ Hill”, where Luca Cabri and Guido Benedetti showcase their double-guitar chivalry, takes the musical narrative to an almost dance direction. And heavy stompers like nearly orchestral “The Tale Of Rowsby Woof” or “Premonition” are nicely contrasted with acoustic-driven numbers such as “Bright Eyes” and folky “Spring In The Warren” that tend to slide to the cheesy side of the hill but, fortunately, never do the trick. On to the sequel!


April 14, 2013

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