Al Stewart Revives The Spirit Of Yore On Unexpected Live Report

For an artist who began touring in 1966 and, up to now, seemed to have skipped performing on stage only in 1982, Al Stewart has quite a meager amount of official concert releases, the last of those being “Uncorked” from 2009. Not that this was too surprising, given the veteran’s last studio album “Sparks Of Ancient Light” arrived a year earlier – yet the forthcoming appearance of a double-CD set bearing a simple title “Live” is, then, rather unexpected. Or not – if one takes into account the recent deluxe reissues of the Scottish artist’s classics such as “Year Of The Cat” and “Time Passages” – most of which are represented in his current repertoire.

Scheduled to hit the shelves on August 9th, this collection finds Al accompanied by his usual ensemble THE EMPTY POCKETS and featuring nylon-string master Peter White on one of the tracks. Some of these are prefaced by Stewart’s stories behind the songs, a thing making “Live” almost irresistible.


CD 1:
1. Sirens Of Titan
2. Story (Antarctica)
3. Antarctica
4. Palace Of Versailles
5. Story (Time Passages)
6. Time Passages (feat. Peter White)
7. On The Border
8. Story (Midas Shadow)
9. Midas Shadow
10. Flying Sorcery

CD 2:
1. Soho (Needless To Say)
2. Carol
3. Story (Modern Times)
4. Modern Times
5. Broadway Hotel
6. Joe The Georgian
7. One Stage Before
8. Story (Year Of The Cat)
9. Year Of The Cat

July 7, 2024

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