Howard Jones Issues A Document Of His 2024 Show

It took about four decades for masses to recognize Howard Jones as an innovator he’s always been, the delay caused by the audiences’ reluctance to bestow such a title upon an artist associated with new wave and synth-pop, although the Brit’s peers knew his abilities from the beginning. That beginning came in 1983, with an immediate charts success of Jones’ debut single “New Song” which was followed by a string of further hits, and the recent expanded reissues of his early albums only stressed the cultural value of Howard’s oeuvre.

Its best moments became the focus of the show the veteran performed on March 24th, 2024 in London – the concert which had to be preserved for posterity and which will be released on CD and vinyl as “Live At The O2” on August 2nd. It had to be captured because it was special not only as an anniversary marker of Jones’ start but also as a document of his sharing a stage with old friends OMD, Howard being their guest, and Nick Beggs who joined the singer on his take on “Too Shy” from the KAJAGOOGOO repertoire. Of course, it’s not the first concert album in his catalogue – yet it feels alluring nevertheless.

Live At The O2

1. Intro
2. Pearl In The Shell
3. New Song
4. Like To Get To Know You Well
5. The One To Love You
6. Too Shy
7. Hide & Seek
8. The Human Touch
9. You Know I Love You… Don’t You?
10. What Is Love?
11. Things Can Only Get Better
12. Things Can Only Get Better (Remix)

July 8, 2024

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