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Stefano Orlando Puracchio: Progressive Rock 3

April 10, 2017

SOP 2016 Final, yet hardly closing, chapter in an art-rock aficionado’s individual quest – and conquest – to grasp the gist of a genre. “By Kind Request”: such a subtitle suggests two previous volumes of Stefano Orlando Puracchio’s series elicited nice response … Continue reading

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Arlo Hennings: Guitarlo

December 13, 2016

Hear2Ear 2016 An account of a great escape in search of a lost chord to balance one destiny, and change the ways of the world, through the love of music and people. If your interest in music goes beyond the … Continue reading

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Derek Shelmerdine: Rock ‘n’ Roll Unravelled

November 6, 2016

DCA Rock ‘n’ Roll 2016 Wood for the trees: conceptualization of trivia and contextualization of rich but motley tapestry of popular music. Although omnipresent culture-related quizzes on the web may look like an edge case when it comes to testing … Continue reading

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Judy Dyble with Dave Thompson: An Accidental Musician

August 24, 2016

Soundcheck Books 2016 Completing her comeback into collective conscious, former “lost lady of folk” finds the courage to go down memory lane and make it a highway to the future. A footnote in the history of British popular music: that’s … Continue reading

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Martin Popoff: Kickstart My Heart – A Mötley Crüe Day By Day

August 4, 2016

Backbeat Books 2015 Bad boys’ illustrious saga in its gory glory detail – reeling in the years without weaving their collective hair in a yarn.  Artists tend to undermine this author’s efforts by continuing to build their chronology after Martin Popoff … Continue reading

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