Dr. John’s Swiss Trips Get Rounded Up

It’s almost impossible to believe that four years have passed since Dr. John left this world just because Mac Rebennack seemed to be immortal, yet legacy lives on, and every time one hears “Iko Iko” – no matter who’s singing the evergreen – one’s obliged to remember the good doctor. Which is why the forthcoming release, on CD and 2LPs, of “The Montreux Years” will see the late veteran’s followers rejoice for he was an adept in jazz as well as rock.

Although there’s no aforementioned song on what’s to be out on June 2nd, the pieces gathered there – comprising Mac’s performances recorded between 1986 and 2012 – feel compelling, despite not fully blending into a single concert set, with the likes of “Right Place, Wrong Time” and “Big Chief” hitting a raw nerve in the way that only Dr. John could deploy. If only there was a DVD to accompany it…

The Montreux Years

1. Professor Longhair Boogie (Casino Montreux 1986)
2. You Ain’t Such A Much (Casino Montreux 1986)
3. Sick And Tired (Casino Montreux 1986)
4. Stack-A-Lee (Casino Montreux 1986)
5. Accentuate The Positive (Auditorium Stravinski 2007)
6. Right Place, Wrong Time (Auditorium Stravinski 2004)
7. Rain (Auditorium Stravinski 2007)
8. Going Back To New Orleans (Auditorium Stravinski 1993)
9. Makin’ Whoopee (Auditorium Stravinski 1995)
10. Big Chief (Miles Davis Hall 2012)
11. In A Sentimental Mood / Mississippi Mud / Happy Hard Times
     (Miles Davis Hall 2011)
12. Love For Sale (Auditorium Stravinski 2007)
13. Let The Good Times Roll (Auditorium Stravinski 1995)
14. Good Night Irene (Casino Montreux 1986)

May 28, 2023

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