Geraint Watkins Brings Fun Onstage

Given the fact that every Geraint Watkins recording is an excuse for having a bout of unbridled fun, it’s easy to imagine how exhilarating the singing piano player’s concert performances are. Unfortunately, his live albums don’t see the light as often as one may want, yet the veteran’s forthcoming offering is exactly this kind of a sonic document.

Here And There

Planned for release on September 20th, “Here And There” is a 10″ limited-edition vinyl platter, and there’s no word of other formats being in the pipeline. Preserved for posterity in Cardiff and London, it captures the Welshman in the company of THE MOSQUITOES – the successors to his erstwhile THE DOMINATORS – who are guitarist Oliver Darling, bassist Paul Riley, drummer Malcolm Mill and reedman Martin Winning. Tied with other collectives, they rarely grace stage together, but when they do, with Watkins, ignoring them is a health risk.

Side 1:
1. Deep In The Heart Of Texas
2. House On The Prairie
3. Go West

Side 2:
1. Rolling Man
2. Midnight Rambler
3. Johnny B Goode

June 29, 2024

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