Ian Gothe And Fernando Perdomo Follow The CAMEL Caravan

One doesn’t have to wonder why Fernando Perdomo doesn’t have time to trim his beard, as his work rate is truly astounding: having fairly recently issued "Art" – which was a joint effort with Matt Tecu – the American musician not only followed it up with a solo platter titled "Self" but also came up with another collaborative project, this time with a fellow multi-instrumentalist Ian Gothe. And this time the two pay homage to the original gods of light, CAMEL.

Unlike Fern’s previous tributes to his heroes, such as "The Crimson Guitar" – that’s not counting the various artists albums dedicated to Paul McCartney and Todd Rundgren classics, "Ram On" and "Someone / Anyone?"“Never Let Go” which will be out on September 27th, focuses on a prog idiom without limiting it to a single sonic aspect, and Ian’s performing prowess allowed the two to create an interesting aural palette, perfectly fitting the colorful spectrum of what CAMEL conjured back in the ’70s and early ’80s this record encompasses.

Never Let Go:
A Tribute To Camel

“I met Ian Gothe a few years ago, and I was asked to play on his ‘Momento’ album which had his shorter cover of CAMEL’s ‘Air Born’,” says Perdomo. “We both have a huge love for CAMEL, and it was pretty much destiny for us to expand the sound of that recording into a full length tribute. Unlike most tribute albums, this is really more of a duo album with a couple special guests. I hope it is very evident that Ian and I wanted to give the music a new spin with the upmost respect and lots of heart and soul.”

1. Another Night (feat. Durga McBroom)
2. Refugee
3. Spirit Of The Water
4. Preparation
5. Air Born
6. Never Let Go (feat. Dave Kerzner)
7. Rhyader
8. Slow Yourself Down
9. Sanctuary
10. Fritha
11. City Life

June 29, 2024

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