McCartney Sidekick Brian Ray Hosts Legends In His “Town”

It’s been a bit more than two decades since Brian Ray joined Paul McCartney‘s band to become the ex-Beatle’s longest serving guitarist and occasional bassist, and though the American musician still looks like a youngster, he is, in fact, a 69-years-old veteran of show business, with a lot of experience. That’s why there’s a little surprise in the presence of a few prominent guests on his forthcoming solo album, titled “My Town” and planned for release on August 2nd.

The artist’s third solo longplay is basically a roundup of vinyl singles Brian issued in the last seven years, with four fresh cuts added to flesh it out, so some of the music might be familiar to Ray fans, one of those tracks being “One Heartbeat” which the guitarist co-penned with Smokey Robinson who also lent his vocals to it and another “Spell Breaker” which was co-written with and voiced by Michael Des Barres. A pity “The Story Of Bonnie And Clyde” which the axeman created with Orianthi isn’t included here, but the blues staple “I Ain’t Superstitious” should make up for the omission. Factor in the appearance of Abe Laboriel Jr. on drums, and the record looks perfect.

My Town

1. When The Earth Was Round
2. Here For You
3. Got A New Thing
4. Bad 4 U
5. Pirate Radio
6. On My Way To You
7. Hold Me Close
8. I Ain’t Superstitious
9. Spell Breaker
10. All The While

June 25, 2024

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