NEKTAR Launch A Space Mission

Spinning fast when looking into their past while winding down their future: this is how NEKTAR position themselves in the present tense. Having reached the stage of anniversary reissues and celebratory concert documents, the veterans seem to be slowly ceasing their touring circle, the band’s September show in England announced as their last-ever in the Old World. It will be preceded, however, by three American gigs in August – all of those a part of the trek set to promote the ensemble’s forthcoming album.

Mission To Mars

Titled “Mission To Mars” and scheduled for release on June 30th, it’s the group’s first without their original drummer Ron Howden who passed away last September. The follow-up to 2022’s "The Other Side" features, alongside another founding member, bassist Derek Moore, guitarist Ryche Chlanda, who was part of the 1978 line-up and rejoined in 2018, keyboard player Kendall Scott and new skin-kicker Jay Dittamo. What they came up with is – like on classics "Remember The Future" and "A Tab In The Ocean" – lengthy, epic pieces destined to satisfy prog aficionados. But whether there will be more records remains to be seen.

1. Mission To Mars
2. Long Lost Sunday
3. One Day Hi One Day Lo
4. I’ll Let You In

June 25, 2024

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