Mike Hugg’s Solo Output Corralled On A Single Disc

It wouldn’t feel like exaggeration to suggest that without Mike Hugg an ensemble named MANFRED MANN wouldn’t be as successful as they were. The drummer not only co-penned their first hit “”5-4-3-2-1” in 1964 and immortalized himself in the “Bare Hugg” instrumental but also composed most of the “Up The Junction” soundtrack before moving to the fore as a main writer, vocalist and piano player of MANFRED MANN CHAPTER THREE. More so, together with his brother Brian, Mike provided THE YARDBIRDS with “Mister, You’re a Better Man Than I” – so Hugg’s individual career seemed a given, right? Unfortunately, no. The veteran released just a couple albums under his name – and both of them will be issued on a single CD titled “The Solo Recordings” on June 28th.

Still, it’s great to see these minor classics – 1972’s “Somewhere” and “Stress & Strain” from 1973 – out again, especially after Mike stopped touring with THE MANFREDS in 2022. On the two platters Mike’s memorable melodies were delivered with the help of, of course, Manfred Mann and Tom McGuinness as well as such stellar musicians as Elton Dean and Ian Carr, Kevin Peek and Mick Rogers, Caleb Quaye and Andy Bown, Henry Spinetti and Micky Waller, plus Eddy Grant and AMERICA’s Gerry Beckley. A pity there’s no additional material, though.

The Solo Recordings

1. Blue Suede Shoes Again
2. Love Is Waiting
3. Sad Song
4. Everything Comes And Goes
5. Fool No More
6. Bonnie Charlie
7. Goodbye
8. Bessie Don’t You Cry
9. Don’t Keep Me Hanging On
10. Somewhere
11. Forget To Remember
12. Paradise City
13. If You’re Missing Me
14. Tonight
15. Solitaire
16. So Sorry Please
17. Peace In Your Smile
18. Woman
19. Picture Of You
20. Stress And Strain

June 24, 2024

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