Original KULA SHAKER To Shower Fresh Magic

When KULA SHAKER first appeared on the scene, they stood apart from the rest of the Britpop in-crowd thanks to the Crispian Mills’ raga leanings and his ensemble’s psychedelic sound that in a few years – between the band’s John Leckie-overseen 1996 debut “K” and the belated “Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts” which was produced in 1999 under the guidance of Rick Rubin and Bob Ezrin – would grow into proper progressive rock. And then the quartet lost their momentum – and their agenda too – yet seemed to be gaining it again on “1st Congregational Church Of Eternal Love And Free Hugs” which saw the release in 2022, shortly before the group’s original organist Jay Darlington returned to the fold. And now, with the same foursome that began it all are ready to restore their old glory.

It’s been an easy way to the issue of the collective’s seventh album fittingly titled “Natural Magic” – with the street date set for January 26th, 2024 – as the record was listed and available for pre-orders on various platforms only to be removed, but finally even the ensemble’s official website has the platter prepared to be out. Let the erstwhile magic be back in earnest!

Natural Magic

1. Gaslighting
2. Waves
3. Natural Magick
4. Indian Record Player
5. Chura Liya (You Stole My Heart)
6. Something Dangerous
7. Stay With Me Tonight
8. Happy Birthday
10. F-Bombs
11. Whistle And I Will Come
12. Kalifornia Blues
13. Give Me Tomorrow

October 6, 2023

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