Andy Davis: An Urgent Case Of Passion

From extravaganza of STACKRIDGE to pop hits with THE KORGIS, as well as playing with such varied artists as Julian Cope, Bill Nelson and GOLDFRAPP, Andy Davis‘ defining trait has always been his ability to deliver a great tune. Always active, it should come as no surprise that the British artist hasn’t had a lot of time for a solo career. Still, 1989 saw him release “Clevedon Pier” and go for a Bandcamp issue of “Desire Lines” last year under the veteran’s full name: Andrew Cresswell Davis – which is to be followed on March 11th by “Emergency Love.”

This collection of ten new tracks may not display Andy’s usual sweet edge and sound like a homespun, if traditionally warm, endeavor (read the review) yet it’s a riveting listen – graced by the presence of Davis’ namesake, CAMEL’s Andy Latimer, on guitar.


1. Rain Rain Rain
2. Nightfishing
3. Baby Good For You
4. Magdelene
5. Peacock Of The Universe
6. Charlie’s Dead
7. Emergency Love
8. Downtown Lights
9. Loving You Too Long
10. The Ghost Of Love

February 14, 2016

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