Bootsy Collins’ Alter Egos Join Guests On “Album Of The Year #1”

There are virtuosic instrumentalists and there are entertainers, and since the days of Paganini these two aspects of musicianship rarely combined – but then there is Bootsy Collins, an unstoppable force of funky nature and one of the most influential bassists on this planet and the space around it. From his work with James Brown to his tenure with George Clinton an on to the veteran’s solo oeuvre, the sort of visual and aural shows Collins unleashed is unparalleled – if something as geometrical as parallel could be applied to what he’s been doing for decades… still doing. More so, the legendary artist never was one to let righteous boasting affect his output, so his next effort is titled “Album Of The Year #1 Funkateer”: quite a claim!

Album Of The Year #1 Funkateer

Planned for release on October 25th, it follows in the wake of 2000’s "World Wide Funk" and 2022’s “The Power Of The One” and hosts an impressive array of guests – including not only the regulars like Snoop Dogg and friends like Dave Stewart but also performers who are clearly Collins in disguise: Bootdullivan, Bedroom Bootsy and Zillatron. Which means the fun is going to ooze in spades – with “The JB’s Tribute” that’s a Fred Wesley-featuring homage to his erstwhile ensemble, and the first single off the record (watch the video below) a testament to that.

1. Album Of The Year #1 Funkateer –
      (feat. Myra Washington and Bootdullivan)
2. So Soopafly –
      (feat. Ouiwey Collins, Kokane and Daz Dillinger)
3. The Influencers –
      (feat. WestCoast Stone, Wiz Khalifa, Dave Stewart, Snoop Dogg and Fantaazma)
4. Bubble Pop –
      (feat. Ice Cube, Fantaazma and Brother Nature)
5. Fishnets –
      (feat. Myra Washington, Kurupt and Daz)
6. Satellite –
      (feat. Dave Stewart and Brother Nature)
7. The JB’s Tribute –
      (feat. Harry Mack, Clyde Stubblefield, John (Jabo) Starks and Fred Wesley)
8. Ubiquitous –
      (feat. Casper the Funked Up Ghost and Kid Talk (Explicit))
9. Hondo P –
      (feat. Fantaazma and Snoop Dogg)
10. Chicken & Fries –
      (feat. Soopafly, Myra Washington, Baby Triggy and Fantaazma)
11. Anybody Out There –
      (feat. Myra Washington and Brother Nature)
12. Pure Perfection –
      (feat. Fantaazma, Giz and Bedroom Bootsy)
13. Barbie T & Me –
      (feat. Barbie T and Zillatron)
14. BeWild –
      (feat. Alex Belle, Isis V and Brother Nature)
15. Alien Flytrap –
      (feat. Dave Stewart and Bootdullivan)
16. I.Am.AI –
      (feat. Tobotius, I.AM and Kid Talk)
17. Reach the Zone –
      (feat. October London, Musiq Soulchild and Bedroom Bootsy)
18. 2Nite We Rise –
      (feat. Da’Dreion Murrell, Fantaazma, ZGM Precious Praisers and Casper the Funked Up Ghost)

July 4, 2024

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