EX NORWEGIAN Add Live Presentations To Two New Remasters

Independence means much for many an artist and many embraced it out of necessity, yet Miami Beach ensemble EX NORWEGIAN chose it as a means to be themselves. And they still are themselves, as 2003’s "Sooo Extra" demonstrated with much gusto, but sometimes there’s a need to cast a glance over the collective’s shoulder to assess their past and bring it into the future. The foursome’s first attempt to do so was "On The Sidelines: The Albums 2015-2017" – and now the quartet delved deeper into their years and prepared deluxe editions of two minor classics: 2010’s “Sketch” and “House Music” from 2012.

The former, the band’s sophomore effort, has been reissued before, with slight changes applied to the platter’s release on Dying Van Gogh Records, and its follow-up also saw a couple of versions out; however, what’s to be out on August 30th are definitive variants, with both albums not only freshly remastered but also expanded to include their contemporary concert presentations where each of the offerings was played onstage in original running order – almost entirely. Enticing, to say the least.


1. Jet Lag
2. Smashing Time
3. Mind Down
4. Sky Diving
5. You’re Elastic Over Me
6. Seconds
7. Upper Hand
8. Turn Left
9. Acting On An Island
10. Girl With A Moustache
Live at Sweat Records – June 19th, 2010:
11. Jet Lag
12. Smashing Time
13. Mind Down
14. Sky Diving
15. You’re Elastic Over Me
16. Seconds
17. Upper Hand
18. Turn Left
19. Acting On An Island
20. Tired Of Dancing
21. Fresh Pit
22. Something Unreal

House Music

House Music:
1. Ginger, Baby
2. Original Copy
3. Not A Mouse
4. Initiative Rock
5. Spin Win It
6. Choice Of Friend
7. Rearrange It
8. Join The Fray
9. SiestaTiƫsto
10. Tong As In Pete
11. Ebenezer Beaver
Live at Tobacco Road – October 12th, 2012:
12. Intro to ‘House Music’
13. Ginger, Baby
14. Original Copy
15. Not A Mouse
16. Initiative Rock
17. Spin Win It
18. Choice Of Friend
19. Rearrange It
20. Join The Fray
21. SiestaTiƫsto
22. Tong As In Pete
23. Beeside

July 4, 2024

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