Jeff Berlin Takes “Joe Frazier” For Another Round

JEFF BERLIN - Joe Frazier (Round 3)

Joe Frazier (Round 3)

It’s been three decades since Jeff Berlin recorded “Joe Frazier” that would become one of the legendary bassist’s signature pieces. Actually the track that appeared on his “Pump It!” album was subtitled “Round 2” as there had been an earlier cut which Berlin submitted in 1980 for “Gradually Going Tornado” by BRUFORD whom Berlin played with. That’s why Jeff’s new take on it bears a “Round 3” tag.

Out on May 11th in variety of formats – vinyl, CD, download – with demos and alternative mixes attached, it’s a fresh reimagining of the classic as delivered by an ensemble featuring, among others such luminaries as David Sancious and Steve Vai; apparently, Chester Thompson – said to be included in the line-up – didn’t make it to the final result. Anyway, the release looks enticing.

May 8, 2018

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