Markus Reuter And David Cross: A Studio Endeavor

David Cross and Markus Reuter

David Cross and Markus Reuter

Given the success of the concerts STICK MEN played earlier this year in Japan with David Cross and the resulting document, "Midori" one could safely bet it would only be a matter of time before their collaboration continues in some capacity.

And now it’s been afoot for a couple of days, as guitarist Markus Reuter, a sometime stalwart of CRIMSON PROJEkCT, was in a Berlin studio with former KING CRIMSON violinist on August 19th and 20th for the first session of writing and recording their joint album.

Markus describes it as mostly having “a contemporary classical feel to it, quite orchestral and pastoral, with some ‘Berlin electronica’ influences as well,” so there’s no doubt in the experimental beauty of the result. More details will be there as the project shapes up.

August 21, 2015

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