By its very nature, HAWKESTREL have always been more than a mere ensemble sculpting space-rock extravaganzas – the Alan Davey-driven project is a loose conglomerate of kindred spirits of certain vintage – but turning such an idea inside out to incorporate an entire, pre-existing collective in their midst might seem too daring a concept to many. Not that Boomer’s old friend Danny Faulkner, whose voice is prominent on "Chaos Rocks" and on the recent KING CRIMSON tribute, minded joining the cosmic flock with his PRE-MED. Which is why a couple of days ago an album titled “Old Habits Die Hard” was issued.

How come the credit on the record’s cover looks like “HAWKESTREL Presents PRE-MED”?

“‘Old habits Die Hard’ is PRE-MED’s fourth studio album; the first three were released as a box set by Cleopatra Records in 2021,” explains Faulkner. “This album is about my personal journey over the past five years, and writing this record has been very cathartic for me. I’ve known Alan since the Nineties, and he has been part of the band since I started it back in 2002, and we have always worked well together over the years. Lately I have been doing some work for both HAWKESTREL and other projects for Cleopatra, and HAWKESTREL is like a big family of musicians working together, so PRE-MED have naturally become part of that family. Currently, there are plans for another PRE-MED album which we’ll be starting work on in the winter.”

Old Habits Die Hard

1. Long Gone
2. In Between The Black And White
3. Courage Or Conviction
4. Least Of All You
5. One More Light *
6. The Seas Of Scuppernong
7. Dancing Shoulders Knows Best
8. Uncle Cat *
9. The Caretaker Never Sleeps *
10. Old Habits Die Hard
11. Insomniac
12. Charlie *

* CD only

June 21, 2024

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