Cherie Currie And BLACK OAK ARKANSAS Salute Taylor Swift

Her seeming omnipresence may annoy many of those who maintain that Taylor Swift‘s songs are nigh on indistinguishable from one another, yet the lady has integrity to elicit utmost respect even from people who don’t really pay attention. However, her fellow musicians do pay attention – enough to pay tribute to America’s Sweetheart, so the naysayers should want to hear how Taylor’s oeuvre can be interpreted by the rather unlikely, for such a move, artists. The chance to listen to Swift covers is scheduled August 23rd when an audio homage to the singer must see the release.

Titled, quite unimaginatively, “A Strange Tribute To Taylor Swift” and comprised of a dozen tracks on both CD and vinyl, the forthcoming collection features, alongside youngsters like THE COURETTES and K4Tey, much esteemed veterans Linda Gail Lewis, Cherie Currie and Sonja Kristina as well as two very dissimilar collectives, MISSING PERSONS and BLACK OAK ARKANSAS, which makes tuning in almost mandatory.

A Strange Tribute To Taylor Swift

1. Shake It Off – THE COURETTES
2. You Belong With Me – THE DOLLYROTS
3. I Can See You – Cherie Currie & DEAD BOYS
4. Cardigan – Tiffany
5. Anti-Hero – Samantha Cole
7. Love Story – Linda Gail Lewis
9. Lavender Haze – Joanna Connor
10. Enchanted – Sonja Kristina
11. Cruel Summer – NEW MYTHS
12. Don’t Blame Me – K4Tey

June 21, 2024

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