Reformed FAIRGROUND ATTRACTION Release Their Sophomore LP

Perhaps, it was their unexpected popularity that caused FAIRGROUND ATTRACTION – whose 1988 full-length debut “The First Of A Million Kisses” had become a triple-platinum album, spearheaded by the band’s first single “Perfect” which topped the charts all around the world – to break up while recording what should have been the ensemble’s next longplay. Singer Eddi Reader and guitarist Mark Nevin, their principal songwriter, surely didn’t intend on issuing the collection titled “Ay Fond Kiss” in 1990 as the collective’s sophomore effort, yet, having gone separate ways to successful careers, they didn’t care either. Until now.

After a three-decade hiatus, the group announced their return to the stage in 2024 – and that announcement was soon followed by another one, about the veterans’ real second album. Suitably titled “Beautiful Happening” and slated to see the light of day on September 20th, it might turn out as wondrous as its predecessor – judging by a couple of songs which have already been presented to the public. Worth the wait!

Beautiful Happening

1. Beautiful Happening
2. Sing Anyway
3. What’s Wrong With The World
4. A Hundred Years Of Heartache
5. Learning To Swim
6. Gatecrashing Heaven
7. Sun And Moon
8. The Simple
9. Hey Little Brother
10. Last Night (Was A Sweet One)
11. Miracles
12. Lullaby For Irish Triplets


June 23, 2024

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