Sass Jordan Takes Feistiness To The Fore Of Her New Album

A constant presence on Canadian music scene, Sass Jordan little by little turned into an elder statesperson of the blues, which has nothing to do with her being 60 years of age and everything to do with importance of the singer’s oeuvre. The veteran’s cover collection, “Rebel Moon Blues” from 2020, proved to be a storming success with the genre connoisseurs, so June 3rd, 2022 will see the issue of its follow-up. Titled “Bitches Blues” – a possible reference to a Miles Davis milestone – Sass’ new record features fresh takes on such classics as LITTLE FEAT’s “Sailin’ Shoes” and the traditional “You Gotta Move” alongside Jordan’s original numbers.

Bitches Blues

While it’s still a long time before the platter becomes available, its lead-in single “Still Alive And Well” can be accessed now – watch the video below. As a whole, the album will look like this:

1. Still Alive And Well
2. Chevrolet
3. Even
4. Still The World Goes Round
5. You Gotta Move
6. Sailin’ Shoes
7. Ain’t No Big Deal On You
8. Change Is Coming

April 19, 2022

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